Tying Instruction

FREE Fly Tying Classes All Ages
Saturday, April 15th 2023
10am to 1200
To Register call Mike McCoy (541)517-5820

5995 Old Hwy 99s
Roseburg, 97470
New Hope Church – Meeting Room

HELP for tool use, tips and tying instruction

Whip Finish w/tool https://vimeo.com/393990859

Whip Finish w/fingers https://vimeo.com/393165350

Fix your BOBBIN, https://youtu.be/EwVo8uu3PEg

Threads, UVFF 2 min. video competition, 2023 vimeo.com/user47515734/

Virtual Fly Box Videos

Jeff’s Elk River Shrimp, https://vimeo.com/521587799

J L Practitioner, https://vimeo.com/515944937

Covahopper, https://vimeo.com/437955447

Baby Lamprey Eel, https://vimeo.com/429037810

Tadpole Timmy https://vimeo.com/404790881

Chameleon https://vimeo.com/403177843

Accidental Hopper https://vimeo.com/403169765

Shad Delight https://vimeo.com/407687031

Lazy Man Chironomidhttps://vimeo.com/407789731

Mike’s Wigglerhttps://vimeo.com/408919675

Mother’s Day Caddis https://vimeo.com/416750967

Draco, dragon fly popper/slider https://vimeo.com/422245005

Skimmer Damsel, https://vimeo.com/424560048

Fishing Technique Links:

Chironomids, How to Fish Them…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88dJqGkrFPA 

Whistlers Pond Tutorial, https://vimeo.com/426069631

Casting Instruction

Knot Instruction