Socialize, safe and wisely

As vaccine programs roll out and slowly help us solve a huge problem for our country lets remember to continue with safe practices for being around others and together in groups. After making it through this past year we don’t want anyone to suffer consequences that soon should be behind us. All the best ahead!

Club Meetings are resuming starting May6th 2021 with our first in a very long time at Roseburg Country Club. Meetings start at 6:30 with food/refreshment service available. For those feeling comfortable with this we hope to see you soon. You do not need to be a member to attend our monthly meetings.

Membership form available under Join on header of website.

2021 A new year

What a year 2020 was and may it forever rest in history. Talk about disruptions to everyday life and activities to the point of nothing we have experienced before. As we put this slowly into our past we are looking forward to moving back toward gathering socially, going on outings and running classes for casting and tying once again. This will all be slow to reconvene but will find us all smiling and grateful. Looking forward to meeting with folks in the new year!


Previous Tying videos can now be found under Instruction, Tying

Miss Piggy Q& A

Questions are listed below. You can read through and just see what you know, or take a chance and put a shekle or two on your knowledge…this is of course on the honor system until we meet again. For $.25 you can win a hand tied fly or for $1.00 you can win a genuine Rich Trimble deer hair popper. (priceless) Limit of one question per person. You will email me with your answer and I will get back to you on whether you contributed in vain or successfully. Have fun and thank you Wayne and Miss Piggy for the brain teasers! We love the process of being fleeced! Answers will be published in a few days.

The Boss and his Sycophants

Community Support in Tough Times