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Lets Keep in touch!!!!!!!! Real meetings to return in the Fall of 2020

Just a Note: If you are viewing on your computer the hot links for email to Bob Siebum or myself may not work. On a phone they will. You may just need to copy the link and use in your regular email service. Sorry for this, the technical support in our group is sometimes somewhat challenged…mike


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Miss Piggy Q& A

Questions are listed below. You can read through and just see what you know, or take a chance and put a shekle or two on your knowledge…this is of course on the honor system until we meet again. For $.25 you can win a hand tied fly or for $1.00 you can win a genuine Rich Trimble deer hair popper. (priceless) Limit of one question per person. You will email me with your answer and I will get back to you on whether you contributed in vain or successfully. Have fun and thank you Wayne and Miss Piggy for the brain teasers! We love the process of being fleeced! Answers will be published in a few days.

The Boss and his Sycophants

Q and A

Here are June’s brain teasers!.. Thanks for participating!

If you would like to take a chance for a fly ($.25 or $1.00 for a Rich Trimble hair popper). Answer one or all for your wager. Let me know and we will track what you owe and what you win, settling up later. Send your entries to OR just test your knowledge and we will post answers in a couple days. You also get a ticket put in the year end guided fishing trip for participating

1. Who was President when Yellowstone National Park was established ?

Teddy Roosevelt

Ulysses S. Grant

Chester Arthur

Warren Harding

2.Who was the Prince Fly named for ?

Prince Albert

Prince Phillip II

Doug Prince

Jonathan Prince

3.What state has no fishable population of Striped Bass ?





4.Who wrote “Matching the Hatch”

Ted Trueblood

Ernest Schwiebert

Doug LaFontaine

Dan Bailey

5. What was the cost of eradicating Tui Chub in Diamond Lake in 2006 ?

Nearly one million dollars

 Nearly three million dollars 

Nearly four million dollars 

Nearly six million dollars  

ANSWERS: Grant, Doug Prince, Montana, Schwiebert, Six million

$5 for ONE Ticket

Each ticket sold will be put in the bucket for ANY of  the 5 June Prizes you designate in an e-mail to Bob Siebum

Option #2    “Yellow Ticket Raffle”

$5 for ONE Ticket

This is the raffle we started at the Sportsman’s Show and would have continued at monthly meetings, the Summer Arts Festival and eventually the Fall Festival or as soon as 175 tickets sold.  (38 sold so far photos below)

#1 Prize  Caddis Float Tube, Fins, Net

#2 Prize  ECHO Base 9′ 5wt 4 piece fly rod

#3 Prize  Wright McGill  Large Arbor aluminum Fly Reel 4/5/6

How It Works

Members send an e-mail to Bob Siebum with a “Pledge” for payment to be delivered at a later date or other collection method yet to be determined. ($5 for one ticket) You must indicate in the e-mail where you want your ticket placed and how many tickets you want for either or both raffle(s).

EXAMPLES… of e-mail request to participate and sent to Bob Siebum

Tommy Trout      2 tickets April Raffle.  Both for Raffle Prize #1

  1 ticket Yellow Ticket Raffle.                       $15. Pledge

 Elke O’Hara        1 Ticket     April Raffle  Raffle Prize #3            $5  Pledge

 Ben Dover          4 tickets Yellow Ticket Raffle                        $20 Pledge

When an e-mail request is received, Bob will write the name of the sender on a ticket (one ticket per $5) and put the tickets in the appropriate bucket as per instructions in your e-mail request.

Annual Prize:  Drift Trip for Two on the Mackenzie River

Bob S. will fill out a card with the name of each club member who sends an an e-mail raffle participation request prior to 7:30 PM, Thursday June 4th.  You will get credit for participation as if you had actually attended the cancelled meeting. 


The Monthly drawing will be held in the warm and isolated confines of Bob’s fly tying room at about 7:30PM on June 4th.   E-mail ticket requests must be received by 7:30 PM. Thursday June 4th.  Bob/Mike will then make the results available.

Email Bob Siebum by June 4th before 7:30 to participate

Yellow Ticket Items…drawn when we reach goal number. Email Bob Siebum to participate

$5 for ONE Ticket

#1 Prize  Caddis Float Tube, Fins, Net

#2 Prize  ECHO Base 9′ 5wt 4 piece fly rod

Community Support in Tough Times