Parachute Adams on the 10th at TOOT

TOOT, Tie One on Tuesday July 10th, Backside Brewery, 1:00pm

Let’s do a Parachute Adams dry, really a great all-around summer pattern. Just imitates a lot of Mayfly species with a nice body silhouette in the water surface.  Not hard and a fun technique to learn.  We’ll start big to make it easier!

Everything you need to try yourself or just come and enjoy some get-together time as always.

Don’t miss TOOT on the 26th

Tie One On Tuesday,  Backside Brewery 1:00 June 26th.

We might as well have one, what the heck. Pattern is going to be a Deer Hair and Rabbit sculpin. A great pattern for bigger fish (which we all love to catch). Here is a chance to learn a dubbing technique or two, some tricks to spinning deer hair and the basics of minnow/fly principles of color shading. Bring a vice or just come and watch, laugh,  have some food and drink and maybe even learn a thing or two. WHY?..because we can.

Fishing Updates

Shad are pretty heavy in lower river…get after them.  Shad darts are a basic pattern that is bright and weighted in pinks, white/red, copper etc.  Use a sink tip, find a structure (rock) that they must swim around on their upriver travel and fish it from above letting your offering swing into the travel zone.  Let it hang  there and twitch, if they are there you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  These are often called the “poor man’s tarpon” (they look somewhat similar) and can get up to 4 or 5 pounds so will provide a good tussle.  Elkton, Yellow Creek. Bunch Bar are some access points you can explore.

Lemolo has been fishing well.  Starting about 5:00 p.m. the browns have really be turning on.  Browns are fun and so pretty, especially when most of what we have available are ‘bows.

Diamond Lake is in middle of “midge mania”.  Annual right of passage for this humidor of insect life.  If  the wind isn’t blowing you had better have a head net or experience the joy of breathing and eating these little demons.  This is when the fish put on some furious weight from simply swimming and eating until they can’t do it anymore. Unlike most lakes that have a good evening hatch and feeding time, Diamond doesn’t seem to work this way. It that by afternoon and for the rest of the day they are so stuffed they just don’t care to eat anymore.

North Umpqua trout in upper river should be fun once it opens on 22nd.  Got to let those smolts exit and hopefully they pass the lower river before the water temp hits 60 and the smallmouth wake up.