Local lakes… on the bite?

Boat landings are accessible in Douglas County as per latest update from county commissioners. March 29, Good news! We could use a little.

Low land lakes are the answer for anxious still water fisherman. This time of year Cooper Creek, Ben Irving and other low lying waters are going to still give you some action. The fish aren’t as aggressive with cold water but they will still worry whatever you are offering.

beautiful rainbow trout

Whistlers Pond is open year round for the UVFF membership and the same applies with cold water here. It has been slow to this point. This is a fly that I do well on especially for crappie when they begin activating as nights get warmer.

This is a pretty basic look at a stone fly nymph with a little foam carapace to help it sink more slowly. Tied on a #6 or #8 nymph hook. Black is always a good color on this water. Floating line is normally best. The crappie here want it barely moving so very small strips and pausing between seems to work well. Fish the shallows in the spring from six inches to 4 feet in depth. A very slow sink allows for a barely moving retrieve without “engaging” bottom. Good luck and go get’m…bass like this pattern as well!

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